About Parmer West

Parmer West is an institutional quality, 10 building campus highlighted by nationally-recognized tenants such as Wells Fargo, Blue Cross, Verizon and Travelers Insurance. The property features quality on-site amenities, including a water feature and a fully stocked exercise facility. Located in the second largest submarket in Sacramento, this area has become one of the premier office locations for large users who take advantage of significant cost savings while occupying high quality buildings. The property is conveniently located near major transportation services, a wide array of retail amenities, five local colleges (with well over 100,000 students), and 9,000 homes set among the suburban rolling foothills. Sacramento employment is at an all-time high, and the area continues to attract new businesses due to lower operating costs, high quality of life, and higher housing affordability than the SF area.

Property Summary


Cap Center II - 313,309 SF

11040 White Rock Rd
39,894 SF

11050 White Rock Rd
46,399 SF

11060 White Rock Rd
42,388 SF

11070 White Rock Rd
42,394 SF

11080 White Rock Rd
71,645 SF

11090 White Rock Rd
70,589 SF

Cap Center III - 217,432 SF

11000 White Rock Rd
53,742  SF

11010 White Rock Rd
54,341  SF

11020 White Rock Rd
55,188 SF

11030 White Rock Rd
54,161 SF