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About Parmer Innovation Centers

Parmer Innovation Centers (“PIC”) owns, manages and develops high quality business environments across the U.S. and U.K. Our mission is to create corporate real estate solutions through intelligent property selection and development. Our active management inspires innovation for our tenants and drives capital and rental income growth for our investors. The portfolio currently consists of over 3 million SF of workspace and over 1,000 acres of land for future development. We have plans to double that footprint over the next 36 months.

Portfolio Summary


Raleigh-Durham, NC
20 Buildings
2M SF; 240 Acres

Sacramento, CA
10 Buildings
530K SF

Austin, TX
5 Buildings (Under Construction)
671K SF; 225 Acres

South Manchester, UK
1 Building
110K SF

Austin, TX
4 Buildings
360K SF

Cardiff, UK
7 Buildings
400K SF


Austin, TX
2 Buildings
1.1M-SF+, 190 Acres